Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolution, Vanegas Arroyo and Jose Guadalupe Posada

This broadside was published in 1959 by Arsacio Vanegas Arroyo (1922-2001), the grandson of publishing house founder Antonio Vanegas Arroyo and son of Blas. Arsacio was a professional wrestler and also a printer. He was the third Vanegas Arroyo to continue the family legacy of printing. What few people know is that he played an instrumental role in supporting the Cuban Revolution. The roots of this support may be traced back to his grandfather, father and Posada. Sympathies for those who struggled for human rights and independence are reflected in the publications of the Vanegas Arroyo printing house. The collaboration of Posada and Vanegas Arroyo paved the way for success of the printing house and eventually as Posada's name grew in stature thanks to Jean Charlot and Diego Rivera, Arsacio was placed in a position to be helpful to the Castro brothers. For over eight months the Castros and Che Guevara lived with the Vanegas Arroyo family. Arsacio trained them in hand to hand combat and physical conditioning. He printed the 1st and 2nd Manifestos written by Fidel Castro on the family press and also war bonds which were sold even in the USA to raise money for the revolution. The image in this broadside is by Alberto Beltran an accomplished artist who worked in association with the Taller Grafica de Popular.

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