Friday, July 8, 2011

Jose Guadalupe Posada Calaveras Inspire Modern Merchandise Design

Calaveras del Monton is a real action image. Note how Posada skillfully makes the calavera with the knife appear as though he is leaping out of the scene. Many of the images Posada created were used over and over by Vanegas Arroyo. There are two solid reasons for this: first, it was economical as the image was bought and paid for plus there was no waiting for a new image to be made and second, if an image was good, it sold broadsides. The image shown here  appears in at least six different titles in as many years, making it one of Posada's most popular. Designed by Edgar Collazo this T-Shirt on the bottom left borrows from the Posada image above, perhaps it is better to "shred" with a guitar than with a knife!