Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don Antonio Vanegas Arroyo hired Jose Guadalupe Posada

      The art world has given attention to the artistic genius of Jose Guadalupe Posada but what of don Antonio Vanegas Arroyo (b. Puebla, Mexico 1852- d. Mexico City, 1917)? Vanegas Arroyo recognized Posada's talents by hiring him. But it was much more than just the hiring of a talented artist. Once the talents of Posada were combined with the editorial pen, staff of writers and business savvy of Vanegas Arroyo, a formula for success was created. The successful body of work they produced set a stage upon which generations of artists would ply their own talents toward roles in shaping history. The documentary we are working on will examine and cast a bright light for the first time on the career of don Antonio and also his family who carried on his traditions in the publishing business. We believe there are connections and influences that extend well beyond the borders of Mexico.  The collaboration of Vanegas Arroyo and Posada helped inspire use of art in social movements as with the Taller de Grafica Popular and the A.S.A.R.O print workshop in Oxaca, but also civil rights movements in the USA. There is also the support given by the family to the Cuban Revolution. We hope ultimately to reveal and examine the historical record of these relationships for future generations.